Saturday, May 19, 2007


NAMCHI, May 18: “Knowledge is a potential power and the advantages and positive aspects of education is manifold”, said the Chief Minister Pawan Chamling at the Silver Jubilee Celebration 2007 of Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Namchi.


In his address the Chief Minister voiced his heartfelt happiness that he is among the students of this particular school whom he addressed as his “daughters”. Urging the women folk to take education seriously, he mentioned that education is a must so as to serve the society with the changing time and live accordingly.

He further added that teachers need to be philosophical as well with love for wisdom as well should inspire the students on the same, opining that “Philosophy is a dynamic part of education”. He urged the people to bring English language into practice by speaking since the language is emerging unavoidable in the changing course of time.

Chamling informed that funds have been kept as Teaching Skill Fund and the Directorate of Capacity Building that will be instituted soon will take in foreign language teachings. Expressing his desire to see the teachers of the state as ‘best’, the Chief Minister further invited the youths to gather and cultivate confidence in themselves and work for self development and the development of the society as a whole.

Addressing at the occasion today, he also cited the different examples of women power in the world today and urged the young girl students of the institution to learn from them. He said development should be balanced and should be kept balanced in our society, thereby announced that Sikkim’s society is the best society of the world and reiterated his invitation to keep the state safe, untouched pure and clean without any ill effects.

Further on behalf of the people, he urged the government officials to develop a helping attitude and help the people by finding a solution for their problem in this context he added that any employees and the action would be taken against them. He added that no work should be carried out on personal interest but be carried out for the interest of the state and the public at large.

The Minister for HRDD, GM Gurung in his address at the occasion congratulated the felicitated teachers who had contributed towards the betterment of this school and said that education is for life thereby invited the students to take examples of the felicitated teachers.

Gurung urged the students to step towards the development of oneself and the society as a whole. The Silver Jubilee Celebration 2007 of Government Girls’ Senior Secondary School, Namchi had the Chief Minister Dr Pawan Chamling as the chief guest along with GM Gurung, the Minister for HRDD, SB Subedi, the Minister for Forest Department, KN Rai, the Minister for RM&DD, MLA to Melli constituency Girish Chandra Rai, Zilla Adakshya, Upa-Adakshya, former MLA Bhojraj Rai, district officials of various departments, Panchayats, former students of the school, guardians and the invitees.

The chief guest today also visited the school premises and exhibition along with plantation of a sapling at the school premises. The programme started with deep prajjwalan followed by welcome song sung by the students of the school. The welcome address was given by JD, HRDD South, MP Subba followed by a welcome dance. The Chief Minister who was also the chief guest was also felicitated.

The presentation of the school report was carried out by the Principal of the school and a memorandum was also submitted by SMC member to the Chief Minister. The programme also saw the felicitation of former heads of the school and the founder members, namely TM Moktan, L Pradhan and DK Sangden who had contributed towards the betterment of this school.

Medals of honour and certificates were also distributed among the students with outstanding performance in various fields. The programme came to a colourful close with performances of various cultural programmes by the school students.