Saturday, May 12, 2007

Citizen Reporter Do you have the CITIZEN REPORTER in YOU?

Do you have the urge to write but do not know how to approach the media? Are there pressing issues that need to be resolved in your neighbourhood or town and that warrant the immediate attention of the authorities? Do you need a platform to voice your concerns? Then be a CITIZEN REPORTER for SIKKIM EXPRESS.

The news you are reporting could be anything that is happening near your home, be it unattended garbage, choked drains, frequent power failures, the condition of the Schools, bad roads or the local vegetable seller charging local rates. It could be a drug problem in your neighbourhood, anti-social activities, complacency in the bureaucracy-anything that needs immediate attention.

All you need is a nose for news and reasonably good English to convey the message.

You write about it and we will publish it. If accompanied by a good resolution photograph or two, even better. Or just write to us or call us with the story. We will send our reporters to your area.

We are providing you with a platform from where you can voice your grievances. This is participatory journalism, which empowers citizens from all walks of life to report their stories through SIKKIM EXPRESS. Together, let us make Sikkim a better place.

Just email us with your story and pictures to,

Or just drop your story at our office at Sikkim Express, Nam Nang Road, Gangtok, Sikkim