Wednesday, May 16, 2007


"My heartiest greetings, on the auspicious occasion of our State Day.
Since becoming an integral part of our great nation India, Sikkim has seen considerable advancement in all fields. We are now aspiring to be a model state striving for excellence in various areas. This has been through participatory process and decentralized decision making with the rural population. The generous assistance from the Central government has enabled us to continuously upgrade our communication, essential services and infrastructure. We still have to work very hard to provide the common man the benefit of more knowledge and technology to progress in a more and more competitive world.
With government employment reaching saturation, I urge the youth to go into self employment ventures after carefully choosing projects, developing the necessary skills and using suitable technology. The number of youth excelling in competition outside the State has also been increasing. The government is always committed to supporting such efforts.
I congratulate my fellow citizens for keeping Sikkim a land of peace and tranquility and pray the Almighty for your success in every aspect of life."