Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Governor Rao inaugurates Suvarna Mudra (Gold coin) and door step banking facilities of IndusInd Bank for customers at Tadong

Gangtok: Following the operation of Banks in Sikkim, the economic activities of Sikkim is increasing day by day and the various banking services are in the line to flow new kind of service to the customers of Sikkim. In this connection, IndusInd Bank office presently operating at Tadong Convoy ground has started to more banking facilities to the people of Sikkim.Governor V. Ramarao formally inaugurated these two facilities in a function held at Tadong on May 22. Addressing briefly the gathering Governor Rao hoped that these facilities will immensely help the customers of Sikkim and he even suggested the Banking authority to start such a scheme which may be employment generating scheme since the unemployment problem is increasing at alarming rate elsewhere. He said saving is one of the important factor in human life and through banking services, our people must inculcate the habit of saving something for the future prospect.
Later speaking at a Press Conference, Shri Suresh Pai, Executive Vice President of IndusInd said that this is the landmark achievement of the bank that first ever in the history of banking service of Sikkim, these two facilities are being provided to the customers of Sikkim. He informed that presently there are 1500 customers at the time of opening of banking service. He further said that IndusInd was started in 1986 and within the span of 21 years, its branches have been spread across the country. When in 2004, the brance offices were 61, now it has been encouragingly increased and reached the total number of 117 and 99 offsite ATMs spread over 141 geographical locations in 24 States and Union Territories. He further stated that internationally, the Bank has a representative office each in Dubai and London and it is one of the leading new generation private-sector banks in India.

The Suvarna Mudra range of Gold coins, is another avenue of investment, displaying the coins of 5 gm.,10 gm.and 50 gm. Shri Pai further stated that if any one wish to give gift to anybody of these coins, we can give 3 % deduction. He added, the pick up facility is available to all customers who maintan an average of quarterly balance of Rs. 10,000/- with bank.