Wednesday, May 30, 2007


GANGTOK, May 29: Meet Rahul Kumar Burman. A realistic intellectual at 15, Rahul has scored 92.4 percent (in aggregate) in the Class X CBSE examinations, results of which was announced through the Internet this morning across in the country.

A boy with optimal humility, Rahul a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya here, is the State topper with a score that looks very difficult to challenge. He has scored the highest 96 percent marks in Mathematics, 95 percent in Social Studies, 93 percent in Hindi, 92 percent in Science and 84 percent in the English.

Yet, this topper is not too happy with these marks! He believes that he could have scored much higher than this and even bettered his won record. “I made some silly mistakes,” he says.

For someone who studies 3-4 hours on a daily basis as a habit, aiming for the highest comes naturally. And with a solid support and motivation provided by his doting parents, good guidance from his teachers, it is not a surprise that he has topped his State.

Rahul is a great sports fanatic, with cricket and football on his favourite list. He has set himself high standards of excellence and plans to take up PCM (Pure Science) in his plus II and thereafter head to the IIT.

When asked for some tips which can help young students to achieve excellence in the board examinations, he put it down to a daily study routine, a disciplined life, proper utilization of time and obedience to the elders as some easiest steps to success.

It may be mentioned here that Rahul commutes by foot more than 10 kms downhill from his house at India Press, Burtuk to his School located at Libing, New Cantt on a daily basis due to lack of transport facilities. This shows the determination and strong-will of this boy at a time when majority of students prefer either a taxi or a private vehicles owned by their parents just to reach the doorstep of their Schools.

In spite of the tedious and frustrating lengthy walks, Rahul has always been focused on scaling great heights in everything he does. He is what true resilience and dedication is all about.