Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ram Patro Memorial Award to Bijay Gurung and Nirmal Mangar

Ram Patro Memorial award for the most promising journalist of Sikkim was given to Shri Bijay Gurung, correspondent of UNI and the award for best working journalist in Sikkim Express was given to Shri Nirmal Mangar. The award was given to two journalist by the Chief Guest, Shri B.B.Gooroong, former Chief Minister and advisor to the Chief Minister of Sikkim and former MLA Shri J.B . Pradhan.

While addressing the gathering and media persons, Chief Guest Shri B.B.Gooroong highlighted the contribution and role of the journalism. However, he suggested the media person to be very careful while giving the coverage pertaining to legal matters. Most of the journalists use to give reports that are very objectionable. For instance, he said, journalist cannot say a person to have been committed crime until and unless convicted by the court. It is therefore very unfair, Shri Gooroong added to report that a person or a VIP amassed wealth by means of corrupt practice disproportionate to his know source instead of reporting as allegedly amassed wealthy means of alleged corrupt practice. He further said that freedom of press must be properly used and it must not be misused otherwise the trust and credibility of newspapers and fourth estate will greatly lost. He said that under the leadership of Chief Minister, Dr. Pawan Chamling, the right and freedom of press has been fully provided but a handful person is reporting without cross verification. He gave an example of incident in which a daily newspaper has reported falsely that some people garaoed a leader of opposition party, whereas fact was totally otherwise. He said that Government led by Dr. Pawan Chamling fully appreciate the positive role of journalism, therefore from this onward, two young promising journalists are being awarded by State award. Therefore, he urged all the journalist fraternity to come forward to play a positive role in their respective field and give valuable contribution towards the development of nation and the state. He lauded the contribution of late Ram Patro also and remarked that late Ram Patro too indirectly helped to bring democracy in Sikkim.

In their speech Shri J.B. Pradhan, Guest of honour and Shri C.D. Rai, President of Press Club of Sikkim appreciated the initiative of Sikkim Express team. The function was started with lighting of lamp by Chief Guest Shri B.B. Gooroong.Shri Amit Patro, the Editor of Sikkim Express in his welcome speech highlighted the vision and objective behind instituting the award in his late father Ram Patro who had started the publication of Sikkim Express in 1976.

On behalf of Ram Patro Memorial Award Committee, Shri Bijay Bantawa presented the annual report and informed the gathering that apart from recognizing the talent of young journalists with awards every year ever since the inception of the committee – Ram Patro Memorial Award Committee in the year 2005, the committee from this year has also taken the initiative to sponsor education of a child.This year Master Ashish Sunwar Mukhia, aged 10 years, son of MB Sunwar and Gauri Sunwar has been chosen for the purpose.

Till recently Master Ashish was studying in Sichey Secondary School in standard IV. Master Ashish had always been a bright student, good in studies and always stood 1st in his class. His parents always wanted him to pursue his studies in a private school but inadequate financial foundation had left their desire only a dream.When the committee was approached by Master Ashish’s parents, the Committee decided to sponsor his education until Master Ashish Sunwar Mukhia’s parents reach a position to support their ward.

Master Ashish is now studying in class V at Sri Sathya Sai Prashanti Vidhya Mandir, Sichey and all his early expenses (around 15,000/- per annum) is being met by the committee.

The winners of award Shri Bijay Gurung and Shri Nirmal Mangar too spoke on the occasion highlighting their experience in the field of journalism.

It may be mentioned here that the first Ram Patro Memorial Award was given to Shri Bhim Rawat, a promising journalist in 2005. Similarly, the Best working journalist award was given to Shri Mingma Bhutia. In the year 2006 or last year, the award was given to one of the promising journalist Shri Joseph Lepcha and the best working journalist award in Sikkim Express went to Shri Simon paul Rai. The programme was conducted by Sarikah Atreya, the associate editor of Sikkim Express.