Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Satya Sai Seva Sikkim to celebrate Saga Dawa with general people

Shri Satya Sai Seva Sangathan, Sikkim is celebrating Saga Dawa in a grand manner with the active participation of public in general outside its Sarva Dharma Kendra for the first time. Addressing a press conference at Press Club of Sikkim at Nam Nam, Gangtok, Dr. Sonam Gyatso Bhutia briefed media persons about holding such a function outside Sarva Dharma kendra. He said, indeed the very objective of Satya Sai baba is not to preach a new religion, but to practice one ones' religion in a very better and discipline manner. The objective to celebrate Saga Dawa or Budha purnima on that special in unconventional manner is to spread the real message of Lord Buddha, likewise, Sai Seva Sangathan has decided to celebrate Janma Ashtmi, Crismas and all without creating any division in the name of religion. Dr. Sonam said that there will be a rally on May 31, 2007 at Gangtok Bazar, signifying the unity of all faith, indeed the message of Buddha will be displayed prominently on that occasion being the Saga Dawa, he added. Devotional songs will be present on the evening, he said. Our main motive is to bring real change in human being by organizing such function, Dr. Sonam further added. Sai organisation, he further stressed that it does not come under any cult or religious dogma, but it accepts the universality and believe in unity of all faiths. On the question of a media person, presently, the organisation is working for the promotion of spiritual uplifement, spread of educare or moral education by means of Bal bikas and service to mankind.

Shri Passang Sherpa, the President of East and North District of Sikkim Sai Seva organization highlighted about the various services carried by the organization which included the free treatment to the heart patients, Hepatitis B injection to 12 thousand persons and other services.

On the occasion, a rally depicting the life and message of Lord Buddha will be taken out at Gangtok. Likewise, religious discourses, talks and other programme will be organized at Gangtok on May 31 and June 1, 2007. Professor Jagman Gurung, Dean, Buddhist faculty of Trivuwan University, Kathmandu and Shri Milan Sakya professor of Aesthetics and philosophy will deliver their talks on Buddhist philosophy and about the importance of Saga Dawa.