Saturday, May 12, 2007


RINCHENPONG, May 11: The call for expansion of education in this part of the country found an answer with donations from Rajya Sabha MP Ram Jethmalaani during his visit to Sikkim on 14 April.

The MP in his brief visit to Sikkim last month had donated Rs 50 lakhs from his MP fund for the construction of Kakuthang Primary School that comes under Bhangyang Kakuthang Garm Panchayat in Rinchenpong, West Sikkim.

Jethmalaani laid the foundation stone of the proposed school with expressions of commitment to develop the school creating the same as an example for all.

“Jethmalaani came all the way to Sikkim and donated money for the upliftment of education in our state. It is a remarkable work and as a mark of our appreciation the school will be named ‘Ram Jethmalaani School’ instead of its previous name Kakuthang School”, said OT Lepcha, the Raja Sabha MP for the state present during the occasion.

Dawcho Lepcha, MLA to Rinchenpong also expressed his gratitude toward Ram Jethmalaani for the valued contribution in the area.