Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sikkim to host first mountain biking championship

After cementing its position in the country's eco-tourism map in just two years, Hee-Bermoik located in the alpine regions of West Sikkim is all set to host the first Kanchenjunga Mountain Biking Championship on May 12. The championship is being organised by the Hee-Bermoik tourism development and heritage conservation society in co-partnership with Nepal Mountain Tour, experts in organising mountain biking.
''We have also approached the Asian Cycling Federation countries to participate in the biking championship,'' T N Sharma, president of the society told Tistarangit. The Nepal tour company would also be bringing their share of bikers, Mr Sharma said.
The local tour operators from the state have promoted the event and would bring their clients, he added.
'' We expect around 30 to 40 participants for the event,'' he said. With Kanchenjunga range as a perfect backdrop, the participants would be criss-crossing 30 kms of metalled roads, rough roads and trek routes from 13th Mile, Hee Gaon to reach up to Samater which falls under the famous Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary.
The Hee-Bermoik area boasts of a spectacular view of the mighty range with the altitude ranging from 4000 ft to 8000 ft. The biking event falls on the third day of the annual Kalez valley heritage festival 2007 which starts from May 10 at Gufa dara, Hee Bermoik.

1st Kanchandzonga Mountain Biking Championship, Sikkim 2007

Organised By

Hee- Bermiok Tourism Dev & Heritage Conservation Society West Sikkim, India.

In co-Partnership with

Nepal Mountain Bike Tours




Organizations Committee

Competition Information

General Rules & Regulations

Map of Competitions Site & Training venue.

Hee-Bermiok Tourism Dev. & Heritage Conservation Society
West Sikkim, India,

The Race details

1. Dates
1st Kanchandzonga Mountain Biking Championship, Sikkim 2007 on 11th to 13th May of this year

2. Venue
2:1 The events will be held at Hee Bermoik, West Sikkim, India in the stretch of 30 kms mettalled & Non-metalled Road & 13 kms of especially constructed mountain biking route passing through mountain forest Looming higher and higher up to an altitude of 2700mtr to reach Sammatar within Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary.

2:2 Training Site
The un mettalled road of 9kms along with the especially developed Mountain Biking trek mentioned above at Hee- Bermiok will be the training site/practice site for the competitors /participants. The schedule will be provided after the arrival of the participating teams.

3. Events

The 1st Kanchandzonga Mountain Biking Championship, Sikkim 2007 wills consist of only open events for all ie..

ELITE OPEN (25 km) Metallic Non Metallic

4. Transportation

All Participations shall arrive at Bagdogra airport (Situated at Jalpaiguri District, West Bengal State of India) It takes 5 hrs drive by vehicles especially provided for participants to the Hotel/ Home stay tent accommodation meant for the participants at Hee-Bermiok.

A compressive transport system for cyclists team official and technical official exclusively available for 1st Kanchandzonga Mountain Biking Championship, Sikkim 2007. It includes:-

# Arrival services from airport to accommodation site
# Regularly/ intermittently schedule vehicle service from accommodation official competition and training venue
# Dedicated service to opening & Closing ceremonies
# Dedicated service to all official functions and meetings
#Departure service from accommodation to Bagdogra Airport

5. Hotels/ Home-Stay/ Tent accommodations

All the participate will be accommodate locally in the village near the Race site.

General rules & Regulation

1 Rules: -
The Hee Bermiok Tourism Development & Heritage Conservation Society will conduct the 1st Kanchendzonga Mountain Biking Championship,

Sikkim 2007 jointly with Nepal Mountain Bike Tours in accordance with the rules laid by the Asian Cycling Union.

Technical organization

The Nepal Mountain Bike Tours, Nepal Cycling Federation & Sikkim Cycling Federation is responsible for and has full control of the Technical aspects of the Kanchandzonga Mountain Biking Championship, Sikkim 2007 in the consultation with the Asian Technical Delegate when necessary

Technical Officials

The entire required Technical official like Chief of Commissaries Panel. Technical officer and Medical Examiner and anti Doping Inspector will be appointed by the Organizer, and the field official & marshal will be trained locally, by adopting the rules laid by the Asian Cycling Federation.

Technical Training

The Technical Training & event Site Visiting of all the manager from each participating Country & the Cycling Federations will be held at Hee Gaon West Sikkim on the earlier day of the event at 9.30 am.


A entries of each Participating Country must be submitted in accordance with the regulation laid by the Organizing Committee

Preliminary Entry forms & the Organizer of the 1st Kanchandzonga Mountain Biking Championship 2007 should receive number from each participating country forwarded through their respective National Cycling Federation.

Deadline for Entry

Then entries forms by name & the Number of participants may be send by the Fax, but must subsequently confirmed by mailing to the organizer


The Kanchandzonga Mountain Biking Championship 2007, Sikkim is reserved for the team representing the National Federations affiliated to the Asian Cycling Confederations.

Participants may be of any nationality.

All participants must have complied with the entry requirements (Including the rules relating to the race categories above) and filled in the requisite forms and paid the entry and other necessary fee.

All participants must be sufficiently fit physically to compete safely and not advised otherwise by a qualified medical professional appoint for the events.

All participants must have good bike handling skills.

The race commissioner reserves the right to refuse entry to any competitor who does not comply with the above eligibility requirements.

All Cyclists shall be at least 18 years old for attending in the Championship.

Each Participating Country can enter a maximum Five (05) Men’s & Five (05) Women’s Riders
Only Four (04) Supports Team will be allowed to be a part of the Event.

Medical Code

# Doping is forbidden

# All Competitors are liable to Medical Check up carried out by the Organizer of the Events.

# In case of any infringements by any Participant of team, The Medal and Certificate awarded during and after the infraction took place shall be withdrawn by the organizing Committee on the recommendation of the Medical Check up Team.

Dress Code

Cyclists must wear their official Uniforms as duly registered with the organizing Committee.


Each participant must have the following equipment during the race at ball times from start to finish.

# One human powered bicycle: of course no engine! No Screws or spiked tyres.
# One bike helmet.
# One pair of shoes suitable for cycling.

All participants must visibly display their number plates at all times of the race from start to finish.

All participants must be mindful of the safety aspect of the race and shall be responsible for their own safety during the race.


The victory ceremonies will be held on the last day after the events with colorful culture and traditional celebration.

All participants must wear official team uniform.


# First place: Gold Medal, With Trophy of Kanchandzonga biking Championship, certificate and a cash prize

# Second place: Silver medal, With Trophy of Kanchandzonga biking Championship, Certificate and a cash prize.

# Third place: Bronze medal, With Trophy of Kanchandzonga biking Championship, certificate, and cash prize.

Five (5) Consolation prizes: Trophy, certificate

Memento to all the Participants

The participating countries are required to bring 2 pieces of National flag of respective Country Size & 2 National Anthem CD.

Meteorological Information

Meteorological Information will be release prior to the events.

Race Course

Participants must respect the nature surrounding and ride only on the official course.

Participants must avoid polluting the area and must clean & clear the waste or litter.

Participant fee:

The Charge per participant will be USD $ 50 Dollar.

Accommodation; Food liaison officer and Local transportation will sponsor by the Event organizer.

For details Contact

Narendra Kumar Subba(Patron) T.N. Sharma( President)

Hee- Bermiok Tourism development
& Heritage Conservation Society
Hee gaon, west sikkim India
Tel: 094340 12213, 094340 60563

Ranjan Rajbhandari
Nepal Mountain Bike Pvt. Ltd.
GPO 12474, 321Chaksibari Marg. Thamel
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel 0997-1- 4701 701, 4700437, 4700711
Tel/Fax (+977-1) 4700 437