Thursday, May 31, 2007


Sikkim is rapidly on the road to development and this is evident from the fact that there have been many positive changes in the State. The towns and villages have witnessed much infrastructural development, which is a necessity in any developing State.

However, we seem to have confused development with just building huge concrete structures and buying more vehicles. The race to construct buildings is so fierce that we have forgotten that we do need open spaces and wide roads to walk and breathe.

It is rightly said that civic centres and public places like parks and gardens are the lifeline of any town or city. It gives the residents a place to get away from the humdrum of urban existence and relax with family and friends.

Singtam is one such town that lacks any form of public parks or civil centres. This town may have been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately but we must not forget that it is an important and rapidly growing town that connects the Capital with three Districts of the State.

Over a few years, there has been a rapid change in character of the town, with much increase in the number of vehicles, hotels, shopping complex, and even in the lifestyle of the people. But this town lacks a public place where the residents can relax in the evenings or during holidays. There are many taxi stands in the town, but not a single public place like a garden or a park where the children can play and others can exercise or relax.

I feel the concerned authorities should seriously consider a park or a garden in Singtam for the well being of the people, both physical as well as mental.