Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Building partially deconstructed for safety reason-fresh slip further complicated restoration work

The continuous rainfall further complicated the restoration work at recently hit area of Amdo Golai. The state authority has partially deconstructed the house of Shri Pratap Tiwari and others. The landslide hit Amdo Golai again resulting the massive damage and blockade on roads last Saturday. While the road from Amdo Golai was temporarily opened a few days back after the major landslides that led to evacuation of the people of five building, the Saturday's landslide further deteriorated the condition of the area. If the landslides occur more frequently, there is every possibility that the buildings can collapse any time. After much efford the raod was cleared a few days back, but the landslide which frequented made the restoration work more complicated. The area MLA and Minister Menlom Lepcha visited the spot and studied the gravity of the situation.

In between Tadong and Deorali of East Sikkim, Indira Bye-pass is situated, which starts right from Amdo Golai and joints the road at Sichey,District court and Palzor Stadium Road, Gangtok. Many private buildings have been built ever since Indira bye-pass road opened in late 1990. Owing to overgrowing traffic system, the bye-pass was constructed and opened but at the same time construction in and around the road at private land took place. Since a week ago, the rock near Amdo Golai started to crack and slip with mud after incessant rainfall.

A huge boulder slipped all of a sudden at Amdo Golai in the morning of June 13। The traffic police on duty warned the people, but by then a piece of rock struck to him and injured who was soon hospitalized. A Maruti van passing through the road narrowly escaped undamaged. The six buildings above the hill side of the road are at major risk and the people from these houses have been evacuated. The District authority swung into action and the area is cordoned off by the police operating round the clock. Minor restoration work and clearing away of rubble is taking place. The bad news is that the rainfall is still not stopped. If the rock belt is affected anyway, it may be dangerous singal for Pani House area and part of Gangtok too.