Sunday, June 17, 2007


GANGTOK, June 15: The central government this year exclusively allocated special component plan for the welfare of Schedule Caste communities residing in Sikkim. According to the plan, Rs 18 Cores of the entire budget will be exclusively separated for the Schedule Caste communities.

Chairman of Schedule Caste Board Aita Singh Barialy said the plan will mainly focus on the overall development of Schedule Caste communities. It includes construction of houses, buying of lands for landless, construction of footpaths and residential schools. The fund will be sanctioned through Social Welfare Department.

Talking to Sikkim Express today, Mr Barilay said a huge campaign is in progress to make people aware about the new venture of the state government. Expressing his acknowledgement to the Chief Minister and the Central Ministry, he said that the expenditure of the funds will be commenced as per the direction of the central government.