Tuesday, June 05, 2007



I read the recent article on consumer awareness carried in the CITIZEN REPORTER column of SIKKIM EXPRESS with utmost interest. I must say that the article was an eye-opener to me.

I would like to share with the readers of SIKKIM EXPRESS my experience dealing with indifferent attitude of shopkeepers.

Recently, I bought 2 kg of sweets, one Sprite, two packets of biscuits from a shop in Rangpo Bazaar for which the bill came to Rs. 250. When I asked for the bill, I was shocked when the shopkeeper replied that he was too busy to give me a bill!

The shop from where I purchased the items is one of the busiest groceries cum fast food stalls there. They sale every thing from fruit juice to momos. Had it been small dhaba I would not have had any problems and not bothered with the bill, but the fact that the shop was big, I expected them to hand me a bill.

I would like to know from you what are my rights in matters such as these. Please help.

Zikmee Sherpa

From the Editor

An Alert Consumer Protects himself, and to protect himself he should not only know the relevant laws but should be able to pursue the matter till justice is done. Your Case relates to non-issue of cash memo.

With reference to circular no. C(27)27/WM/FCSECA dated 30.6.2006, it is mentioned that the issue of cash receipt/memo is mandatory vide para 6 of Sikkim Essential Commodities (Price display and control of supply and distribution ) Order 1977. The same circular under para 4 says that it shall come into force from 1st august 2006. Negligence/failure to comply with this circular shall attract penalty under section 7 of Essential Commodities (EC) Act, 1955.

If you are interested to follow up the matter please write to the Addl Controller, Weights and Measure and Consumer Protection Cell, Beside SNT, PS Road, Gangtok.

A copy may be sent to DCSO (East) and SP (East).