Sunday, June 24, 2007

Shri C.D. Rai re-elected as President of Press Club, Shri Bhim Rawat won back his post

The 3rd General Election of Press Club of Sikkim was held on June 23 in which Shri C.D. Rai, an octogenarian senior journalist re-elected as the President of Press Club of Sikkim for third consecutive term. Out of 79 votes cast, Shri C.D. Rai secured 48 votes, while Mrs. Santosh Nirash another septuagenarian journalist secured 30 votes. For the three post of Vice-Presidents, Miss Hemlatta Gurung secured 65 votes followed by Shri Ranjit Gurung 62 votes, Radha Pradahn 39 votes, Shri M.B. Limboo 38 votes and Mrs. Riti Pradhan 14 votes respectively. Miss Hemlatta Gurung, Shri Ranjit Gurung and Mrs. Radha Pradhan elected for the post of vice-presidents. In the post of General Secretary, Shri Bhim Rawat defeated Shri Hemanta Giri by the margin of 43 votes. Shri Rawat secured 61 votes while Giri secured only 17 votes. In the three post of Joint Secretaries, Suman Gajmer secured 63 votes, Suren Mohara 56 votes, Mingma Bhutia 49 votes and C.B. Chhetri 37 votes. Shri C.B. Chhetri was defeated while three others elected for the posts. In the post of Treasurer, Shri Paras Mani Dungyal defeated Pabitra Bhandari. Shri Dungyal secured 48 votes while Pabitra secured 30 votes only. In the post of Publicity Secretary, Shri Homnath Dawarhi secured 55 votes while Shri Pranaya Lamichaney secured only 24 votes. The election committee chairman Shri Subash Deepak announced the result of the election before the members present in the election. Shri Milan Subba, Under Secretary was present as an observer from Information and Public Relations Department.