Saturday, June 02, 2007


GANGTOK, June 1: If you have not been watching the Indian Idol this season, you have all the good reasons to do so now. A boy from our own neighbourhood has made it to the top 28 of this singing reality show.

Prashant Tamang from Darjeeling is all set to croon his way into the hearts of the people nation-wide after he found his way to the final 28 of this very popular show on Sony TV.

And the people of Sikkim are ensuring that he becomes the next Indian Idol.

A group of journalists from Sikkim has formed a committee here to campaign for Prashant as he climbs the ladder to the top position. Now since his fate depends more on the number of votes he gets (in form of sms’ and landline telephone votes) rather than his vocal chords, the people from this region are leaving no stone unturned to make sure that he does not lose out on crucial votes.

The Sikkim Journalists Committee for Prashant Tamang, formed here today, has taken upon itself the task to campaign for the 24-year-old Prashant and garner public votes for him though extensive publicity and rallying in Sikkim. The Committee is headed by senior journalist, Kishore Moktan.

“We are extremely proud that someone from the Hills has made it so far. It becomes our responsibility to ensure that he gets maximum votes. We appeal to all Sikkimese people to vote for Prashant through sms and telephone,” Mr. Moktan said.

In Darjeeling, committees have been formed and an action plan drawn up to vote for Prashant, the home town hero. He made it to the top 28 after beating around 25,000 hopefuls from across the country. The crucial voting round started from tonight.

The effort from Sikkim as well as Darjeeling Hills is to bring get support from all Nepali-speaking people from all over the country for Prashant. The Sikkim Committee will be distributing pamphlets and putting up posters urging people to vote for him.