Monday, July 16, 2007

Backpacking Europe is full of my mixed experiences, says Nitin Das Rai, a Sikkimese student studying in USA

Gangtok: Encouraged by his grand father Shri C.D. Rai, a octogenarian politician turned bureaucrat turned journalist and by his technocrat father like Shri P.D. Rai, a Sikkimese student Shri Nitin Das Rai studying in an university of USA shared his gainful experience with the members of press club of Sikkim here on July 14, 2007 at press club of Sikkim, which he had contemplated during May-June 2007. He said that the visit was not a kind of pleasure one, but it is a study visit by students who can learn many things by putting hard effort and doing struggle in practical life with minimum and limited amount and mostly cutting down the expenditure, practically to learn to live in adversity and gain the knowledge. The backpacking concept is prevalent in America and Australia, he added. He has received the travel grant from the university in a open competition. He along with his selected colleagues visited The Netherlands, (Amsterdam), France (Paris) Italy ( Venice, Florence, Rome, Neples) and Greece (Athens, Santorini). He presented the vivid and colourful photographs of monuments, statues and of many interesting features through computerized projection device in large screen before the audience and narrated his experience in every lively manner. In an interactive session, he said that sudden boom and unplanned manner of constructing buildings in and around Gangtok have not only disrupt the natural beauty of the town, but it can create natural catastrophe too in the year to come. To build a house for better living is justified, but to construct many houses by an influential person an lease them out for earning money and to lead easy life is not a good attitude and behavour of the people. It creates more pollution in the environment and thus makes the life measurable, he said. Replying to a question, he said that the main difference he observed between the people of European and Asian is while the former lives in history and culture, the Asian people are hard working and therefore they have good future prospect. The striking impression he learnt from the tour is that the European people maintain their heritage in a systematic manner and uphold socio-political values and more depend on history, which our people too must learnt from them.

The Session was chaired by Senior journalist and litterateur Subash Deepak who praised the deliberation of Nitin Das Rai and presented a scarf to him on behalf of Press Club of Sikkim giving him best wishes for his future endeavour. He hoped that because of his knowledge and experience, the State will be benefited in the years to come from his enumerable contrubution. Senior journalist Shri Ashok Chatterjee presented his thought provoking speech and remarked that Nitin is one of the talented students who was fortunate enough to acquire such opportunity to study abroad and keeps such a knowledgeable information at the age of 21 years only. The session was well attended by Sr. Journalist Shri C.D. Rai, Shri C.K. Dorjee and others.