Saturday, July 28, 2007

Danny Denzongpa returns with “Frozen”…

Danny Denzongpa returns to the big screen after a long time making way for his 150th film by the name of “Frozen”. First time Director Shivajee Chandrabhushan, a 35-year old Mumbai-based photographer, is all set to leave his imprint as a filmmaker by doing some fine research.

The movie encompasses the journey of a father and his son and daughter, seen through the daughter’s eyes. Danny plays the father.

The director tries to be a bit experimental by treading on adventurous terrain and venturing into unexplored territories of film-making. In order to achieve it, he has chosen to make the film sans color. This was done in order to give it a look that goes in sync with the location of the film, i.e, Stakmo, which is an hour drive from Leh. Shivajee wanted it to be given that look as the film has been shot in winter and so there is no green anywhere. So it was shot in colour and was digitally intermediated to black and white and finally to get the required tonality, it was printed on black and white stock.

The movie was shot last year in February, over 34 days at an average height of 15000 ft above sea level.

The movie also stars Yashpal Sharma, Gauri, Angchuk, Shilpa Shukla and Anuradha Boral, Amir Bashir and Raj Zutshi and has cinematography by Shankar Raman and stunts by Sham Kaushal and Dawa Tsering. The film will have its international premiere at the forthcoming Toronto film festival’s Discovery section in September.

At a time when old classics are being released in colors, this one seems to be something across the tide.