Friday, August 03, 2007


Special Report, Subash Gobine/B. P. Bajgain (Mauritius/Sikkim), July 31: A minister's family of Mauritius has opened a branch of the Sikkim branch of Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management University in Mauritius and they have tried to sell it as a full-blown private University, with big billboards supporting the sales pitch.
The Opposition of Mauritius is crying foul, alleging that the Sikkim branch itself has not yet started its courses. Further, the degrees granted would be recognized only in Sikkim, not in other parts or India, let alone other foreign countries. Furthermore, the Opposition is contending that the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India has not approved the setting up of a branch abroad. Now the famous 'private' University in Mauritius is under controversy.
According to the TEC regulations, there must be a period of one year between the granting of an authorisation to a university to operate and its effective opening. But the EIILM has opened six months after receiving the authorisation. Opposition says that the EIILM should have obtained the authorisation of the University Grants Commission (UGC) - the national regulating body in India - before the Eastern University - recognised only in Sikkim - opened a branch in Mauritius.
As per the source, Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management University is only a branch of Kolkata (Calcutta) based private Institute in Jorethang, South Sikkim. Because the Institute got approval in Sikkim in 2006 by 'The Eastern Institute For Integrated Learning In Management University Sikkim Act 2006' Act No. 4 of 2006 as defined by section 2F of the UGC Act passed by Sikkim Legislative Assembly whereas the institute already produced ten batches of MBA/PGDBM who have passed out of the institute till date from Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management, 6, Waterloo Street, Kolkata - 700069, INDIA. This is not possible from Sikkim which got approval on 2006. So, the real institute is not based in Sikkim, it is based in Kolkata.
Note: Subash Gobine is a journalist in Mauritius. He works for the Defi Media Group which publishes several newspapers and runs a radio station in Mauritius.