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Dr. Pawan Chamling: A Bio-data


NAME : Pawan Chamling.


FATHER’S NAME : Shri Aash Bahadur Chamling.

MOTHER’S NAME : Smt. Aasha Rani Chamling.

DATE OF BIRTH : September 22, 1950.

PLACE OF BIRTH : Yangang, South Sikkim.


NUMBER OF CHILDREN : Daugthers - 4 Sons - 4.

EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION : Sr. Secondary School, Yangang;

PhD (honoris cousa), Manipal University, 2003.


Chintan Purashkar, 1987 – presented by Sikkim Sahitya Parishad for his poem “Maile samjheko

samjhana-ma kati kati, being published in the Annual literary

magazine Chintan

Bharat Siromani 1996 – presented by Shiromani Foundation, New Delhi on March 5, 1997

“for his outstanding contribution to integrate the people of Sikkim

with the rest of the country, for endeavouring to bring them in the

national mainstream and for reinforcing democratic system in


Greenest Chief Minister of India, 1998 – presented by Centre for Science and Environment,

New Delhi for his outstanding contribution towards

Nature conservation measures undertaken in the


Man of the Year, 1998 – presented by Biographical Institute, USA for “his outstanding

accomplishment to date and the noble example he has set for this

peers and entire community”

Manav Seva Purashkar, 1999 – presented by Institute of Economic Studies, New Delhi for his

“rare vision in bringing about far-reaching changes in the quality

of life for poor …….. championing the cause of the Sikkimese

people and downtrodden specially upliftment of women rights

and child welfare ……”

Poets’ Foundation Award, Kolkata, 2002 – presented by POETS FOUNDATION, Kolkata “for

his lifetime achievement in literature” for 2001.

Some of the other Awards received by the Chief Minister are as follow:

Secular India Harmony Award 1998.

Man of Dedication 1999.

Pride of India Gold Award 1999.

Best Citizen of India 1999.

National Citizens of India 2002.


Sl. No.

Name Of Awards

1. Balraj Sahani National Awards March 1996
2. Rashtriya Ekta Puraskar June 1999
3. Outstanding Speaker Award By IBC January 2000
4. Commemorative Medal Of Honor, Hallmark 2000 March 2000
5. International Order Of Marit By IBC March 2000

Outstanding Man Of 20th Century (Certificate Of Excellence By) By Friendship Forum Of India

August 2000
7. Platinum Record For Exceptional Performance By ABI October 2000

Jawaharlal Nehru Excellence Award By Institute Of Economic Studies

November 2000

9. Sewa Ratna Award By Indian Board Of Alternative Medicines December 2000
10. International Personality Of The Year By IBC January 2001
11. Universal Award Of Accomplishment By ABI May 2001

2001 Noble Prize For Outstanding Achievement And Contributions To Humanity Of The United Cultural Convention (UCC), USA

November 2001
13. Life Time Achievement Awards By IBC December 2002
14. Outstanding Man Of 21st Century By ABI March 2002
15. Vikas Shiromani Puraskar By Institute Of Economics Studies April 2002

Other Awards

Sl. No. Name Of Awards Year Of Award
1. Indo Nepal Friendship And Economic Co-Operation 1999
2. Gold Star Award 1999
3. International Man Of The Millennium 1999
4. Outstanding Man Of The 20th Century 1999
5. Abi Gold Record Of Achievement For 1999 1999

The Abi Laurels For Dedicate Personal Attainment (World Laureate Of The ABI


Rashtriya Gaurav Award/Sukriti Millennium National Teachers Service Award/Sukriti Kala Award


8. 1st Bharat Gaurav Award. 2005
9. American Medal Of Honor 2006

PROFESSION (PREVIOUS) : Government Contractor (Class 1 unlimited).

PERMANENT ADDRESS : Ghurbisey, Namchi, South Sikkim.

PRESENT ADDRESS : Mintokgang, Gangtok, Sikkim (Residence),

Chief Minister’s Secretariat, Tashiling,

Gangtok, Sikkim (Office).

PHONE NUMBER (OFFICE) : 03592 – 202575.

PHONE NUMBER (RESIDENCE) : 03592 - 202536, 202304, 221122.

E-mail :

Web sites :


POSITIONS HELD (YEARWISE) i. 1985-89, MLA & Chairman, Sikkim Distilleries Ltd.

ii. 1989-92, Minister for Industries, IPR & Printing Department.

iii. Chief Minister of Sikkim from 12th December 1994 till date.

Prominent contribution in the movement towards recognition of

ACTIVITIES Nepali Language in the 8th schedule of Indian Constitution.

ii. A pioneer in the promotion of cooperative movement in Sikkim.

iii. Significant involvement in the cultural and intellectual discourses
spanning the last four decades

iv. Formed Nirman Prakashan in 1977.

v. Chief Editor- Nirman quarterly magazine

vi. A prolific writer, poet and thinker.


RECREATION : Reading, writing and social works.


1. Antahin Sapana Mero Bipana, 1985 (collection of poems).

2. Perennial dreams and my reality (Translation – collection of poems).

3. Damthang, Heeja Ra Aja, 1992 (collection of treatise).

4. Prativad (collection of treatise).

5. Mah Koh Hun, 1992 (collection of poems).

6. Excavating Self (collection of poems-English translation)

7. Prarambhik Kavitaharu, 1993 (collection of poems).

8. Sikkim Ra Nariko Maryadaa, 1994 (a treatise).

9. Crucified Prashna Aur Annya Kavitayen, 1996 (collection of poems in Hindi).

10. Sikkim Ra Prajatantra, 1996 (a treatise).

11. Democracy Redeemed, 1997 (collection of speeches in English).

12. Prajatantrako Mirmireyma, 1997 (a treatise)

13. Sikkimey Jaati (a treatise).

14. Mero Sapanako Sikkim, Volume I, II, III & IV, 2002- 2007 (collection of speeches).

15. Perspectives and Visions, Volume I, II & III 2002-2007 (collection of speeches in English).

16. Prajatantrik Andolanko Aatma Sangharsha, 2004 (collection of treatise).

17. Pawan Chamling ka Udgaar-haru


18. Vichar, Kranti Ra Parivartan (C.B. Karki and Bhim Dahal).

19. Daring to be Different, 2003 (biography written by Yogendra Bali).

20. Pawan Chamling – Vyakti Ra Vyaktitva (Kamal Sadai).

21. Pawan Chamling – Man of the Masses.

22. Chhapama Pawan Chamling.

23. Pawan Chamling in Print Media.

24. Bharatiya Nepali Kavita Vrittama Pawan Chamlingko Yogdan (Mahesh Parsai).

25. Dr. Pawan Chamling – Yug Purush? (Damber Giri).

26. Pawan Chamling – Bharatiya Kavitako Sandarbhama (Dr. Harka Bahadur Chhetri).

27. Pawan Chamling - Pragyik Ayam Ra Adhyayan.

28. Vartako Vritta Bhitra Pawan Chamling (Sudarshan Shreshtha).

29. Sandarbha – Pawan Chamlingka Teen Kavita Sangraha Ra Geetharu (Prem Thulung).