Monday, November 12, 2007

Nepali documentary nominated in Hollywood

Nepali documentary named "A Tragedy For The Liberty " is a documentary movie made on the recent revolution (JANA Andolan-2) of Nepal.
was nominated in Hollywood and this is the only one documentary which was selected through out the whole Asia. documentary "A Tragedy For The Liberty " won Best International Documentary Director Award from Hollywood which have encourage us to show this documentary to everyone especiall your Nepalese living abroad .So in this regard we found your organization is the best way to reach to Nepalese viewer in abroad. In Hollywood everyone has appreciated documentary "A Tragedy For The Liberty " and they encourage us to do more for uplifting our Nepalese identity in abroad .
Through this documentary we are broadening the horizon of Nepalese prestigious history.
documentary "A Tragedy For The Liberty " is want to give message to all ..this is not ordinary documentary ..this is about the revolutionary history of Nepal The main aim of this documentary is not to encourage more death of innocent Nepalese people in the name of revolution.This documentary show what kind of people have died for the liberty of our country and it's people ....this shows the pathetic condition of martyrs and martyrs family .besides this political and revolutionary history of Nepal is another part of this documentary.