Thursday, November 29, 2007

sikkim trip photos- 1

visited Sikkim form the 9th to 25th and here are the photos that i promised!

These photos are from Ivie's album...

The crazy bunch of us atop Dzongri Peak.... Super exhilarated to be up there. Our faces are numb from the cold!

Photos at changi airport before our flight. Thanks anthea and moon for sending ivie and me off! notice the happy faces :)!!

Day 2- Calcutta... The guys' pict! hehe...

Well, we stayed at this hotel called Heritage Hotel for the 1st night. Quite a decent hotel actually with freakin cold aircon and multi-channels tv!

Sights And Scene In Kolkata City, India... Notice hw izzit different from Spore...

well, we did nth much for this day, except to arrive in Kolkata, checked in the hotel and had a good night rest... more photos coming up!

rahh, its late in the night, gotta go n sleep. i m sleepy!