Saturday, December 15, 2007

Melodious ‘Sizal’-ing all the way

Those people can achieve the impossible who dare to dream about. It took more than two decades for Sonam Lama to fulfill his childhood dream of coming out with his own Nepali musical album. His maiden venture “Sizal” aptly named after his daughter that he feels had brought back all her luck is ready for the release. Born in Singtam to late R.B.Tamang and Palsang Tamang, this Primary School teacher at Sakyong Chisopani by profession had over the years been actively participating in cultural activities in Singtam and surrounding areas since his school days till late 90s whereof after joining the government job had been keeping a low profile.
Sizal is a collection of eight melodious Nepali solo songs composed, written and sung by the talented Sonam Lama himself. The album is presented in a compact disc. Lama told that each of the eight songs is of different flavor. He has provided mix blend of music from love songs and sentimental song. He added his love song isn’t related to a boy and a girl sentiment, it is more related about his love for his music, his family and the moments he had shared with them. Plans are undergoing to come up the videos of couple of the songs in month to come. He had tried his best not to repeat such flavor in his next venture. So far Lama has composed 17 different Nepali compositions and has 30 lyrics of him. The musical venture Sizal is part of his self collection of compositions and lyrics. He found it very hard to choose the personal favourite song from his new album which according to him was all of his own creations. Yet he regards the song Chodi janney atma haru very close to his heart since the song is dedicated to the departed soul of his father Late R.B.Tamang and his elder brother Late Nima Tamang. When asked about what was so special about Sizal with reference to numerous music CDs that are available at market, Lama let know that he had given more emphasis in the lyrics and hummable tunes, anyone listening to the songs could relate the songs with their life too, he confronted.

Music is his passion and when not indulged in other works he waste no time in getting through pen, paper and his guitar and try experimenting with different notations. From a keyboard and guitar player to a solo singer Sonam Lama is one of the few individual from this noisy town of Singtam that had seen highs and lows of the musical development of this town. They belonged to that time that stated the beginning of stage shows constructed on trucks. In his own words Sonam Lama told that they did this to avoid unnecessary expenditures. Lama felt his sincere attempt in releasing his album was not possible without mentioning few names above which includes Albert Gurung, music teacher from TNA who is also the music arranger and the recordist of the album. Few people might still recall he was the founder member of the Aroma musical group as well as its President for a long time till its sudden disappearances. He has no musical training but has been following Narayan Gopal, Karna Das and others.

Interested in performing in stage show he had performed before the crowds of Singtam, Gangtok, Jorethang, Dikchu and others. He was also part of Cultural Exchange Tour in 1997 that performed in different parts of India including Allahabad, Delhi, Amritsar, Jammu and Kashmir and Guwahati.

From one of his lyrics……….
Manche tyo ho, aafu haaserah arulai ruwauncha
Manow tyo ho, aafu royerah arulai haasaucha
Tra yehi sansar lai nazdik baat nihalda
Hasaunay bhanda, dherai ruwaunay matra bhetaucha
Bhandachan yaha manishharu, jiwan kay ho?