Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Police discloses that Siliguri Dalals and touts are making their prey to the educated girls of the hills for brothels

Siliguri:,17 Dec: A girl working in a call girl centre here became the victim of Dalals who was sold at Pune. Despite being educated and conscious, the girl was falsely given the fake form of a call centre at Pune and asked her to appear for interview there. The Dalals also arrange to talk to the employer telephonically. Believing that she would get handsome salary, she left Siliguri and went to Pune but she was sold in the brothel and she knew the truth only after she was sold. However, she managed to inform in her house about the truth and Siliguri Police managed to rescue the girl and she narrated the whole story. Earlier, police rescued two girls of Sikkim from Pune. There are many missing girls from Sikkim and Darjeeling and it is doubted that most of them might have been sold in the brothel. Two girls as shown in the picture are missing since some month ago from Lapchey Busty, Badamtam, Dajeeling. They are Jamuna Subba and Sangita Rai who have been last seen with Binay Tamang of Siliguri. Binay is arrested by Police but two girls are still missing and the parents have apprehended that they have been sold in the brothels too.

Siliguri Police have warned the parents of the hill that they must not send their daughters to call centre and any such private organization without police verification. Most of the advertisement of job opportunities appeared in the newspapers also are fake, therefore the girls and boys must apply only after thoroughly cross examining and verifying the truth. If any one has doubt about the existence and modus operandi of such establishment, they can make query in the police immediately, but even the educated girls and boys become fools at the hands of such dalal who crafts their black plan so tactfully that no one can ever doubt them.