Thursday, February 28, 2008

“False claim by SHRP”

“Sikkim Himali Rajya Parishad (SHRP) is playing a very dirty game of cheap publicity and creating confusion among the people of Sikkim by misleading them”, said Mr. Dorji Namgyal, founder member and former General Secretary of Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) Party in a press meet on February 27 at Namnang.
He said that the news of formation of block level women and youth committees of Namnang by SHRP in their meeting at Namnang area, which was published in a local English daily newspaper on February 26, is “totally false” and has created confusion amongst the people of Namnang area. “The so called committee members named in the report are not the residents of Namnang as falsely claimed by SHRP”, Mr. Namgyal said. He clarfied that the names mentioned as SHRP committee members are of the residents of Star Hall premises which is under MG Marg area. “The persons who have been included in the SHRP committee are innocent and unaware of the fact about a dirty game of SHRP”, Mr. Namgyal said.
“The false news is confusing and misleading the people”, he said, adding, “The news in a press release mentions Mrs. Maya Rai, whose name is included in Namnang Block Level Women Committee of SHRP. She is a housewife and a member of SDF Party having membership number 56814 and most of the other persons included in the committee are students. Mr. Sonam Bhutia, who is falsely quoted as the president of Namnang Block Level Youth Committee of SHRP informed that he is unaware of this development”.
Mr. Namgyal also mentioned the inclusion of Dorji Namgyal of Namnang as the Joint Secretary of Namnang youth committee of SHRP. “We searched the whole Namnang area but could not been able to find any person of this name except myself”, he said in astonishment. Humorously he said, “I would like to request SHRP to please assist me in finding another Dorji Namgyal of Namnang”. It is a very cheap publicity of SHRP intended to mislead the innocent people of Sikkim, he said. Other SDF members present informed that this kind of false propaganda was done earlier also by SHRP and the name of a dead person was included in a committee formed by SHRP. In the press meet, those present included some of the persons named as SHRP committee members. This proved that the published “news” is factually wrong and false.