Friday, February 22, 2008

MG Marg face lift nearing completion

99 percent of the renovation and beautification work of MG Marg along the stretch from Tourism Department to Kiran Dry Cleaner is accomplished till date and remaining 1 percent is expected to be completed within this month, informed Mr. Rabi N Sharma, Divisional Engineer (Planning) of Urban Development and Housing Department (UD&HD).
The remaining work includes installation of lamp posts by Power Department, chairs and decorative equipments. The fencing surrounding the statue of Mahatma Gandhi has been removed for a replacement to give a novel look. On January 21, several sign boards (measuring more than 3 ft in width) of the shops and stores located at MG Marg were removed by UD&HD. This was done to bring uniformity in the sign boards of all the shops and stores located at MG Marg, said Mr. Tobjor Dorji, Commissioner cum Secretary of UD&HD. He also informed that sign boards measuring less than or equal to 3 ft in width are allowed to be put in shops and stores vertically and horizontally. The proposal of doing the same was communicated to all the shop keepers of MG Marg earlier during a meeting between UD&HD, Stake Holders and Chamber of Commerce. A prior notice and information was given to them before removing the sign boards, he said.