Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The prospect of sitting in the renovated Vajra Hall was marred by the news of the hike in ticket prices.

The cost of the tickets has been raised as follows.

Earliest Rate Revised Rate Percentage hike
1. Executive Class Rs. 70/- Rs. ll0/- 58%
2. Balcony Rs. 50/- Rs. 85/- 70%
3. Stalls Rs. 30/- Rs. 55/- 85%

In this regard, I, on behalf of all movie goers, would like to convey to the State Urban Development and Housing Department, the authority on this matter, to kindly examine the basis of hike of rate.

There is no uniformity in the rate of hike. It is clear that the highest hike has been for the rear circle which obviously will affect the pocket of the lowest income group. The maximum numbers of seat in the hall are also in this category. It is felt that the maximum hike allowed should be uniform and may be at 30%.

Another point that needs to be looked into by the UD&HD and be strict about is, that the hall should be cleaned and aired for 10 - 15 minutes after each show.

So far, both the Denzong and Vajra Cinema Halls do not keep gap between shows as a result of which, the cine goers, even after paying a high amount, have to tolerate wet seats, stale air and food packets.

If the UD&HD makes it mandatory and is vigilant about this, the cine goers would be satisfied with the renovation and the price hike and enjoy neat and clean halls for 3 hours.

P Pradhan,