Saturday, February 09, 2008

A peaceful silent show of protest greeted the visit of Review Committee to Panam Project area on the 5th of Feburary 2008 in Dzongu

A peaceful silent show of protest greeted the visit of Review Committee to Panam Project area on the 5th of Feburary 2008 in Dzongu. The placards held up by the protestor not only mentioned protest against implementation of Projects in Dzongu but also pleaded with the Review Committee help save Dzongu and have the moral courage to make true and correct decision.

Public of Dzongu on the visit of Review Committee to Panam Hydel Project area made a presentation and submitted the same to Committee.The Review Committee was represented by three members; Additional Chief Secretary, Secretary Power and Energy Department and the Secretary Forest and Environment. D.C North, and General Manager of Sikkim Power Development Corporation were also present along with other officials.

The Lamas in their turn also made their representation on religious issue which would be affected by the implementation of Projects in Dzongu. They presented “Lhapsang Petcha” the holy text that contains all the religious name of holy places and deities. However the committee could not take the holy texts with them. The Lamas informed the Committee that 12 monasteries including Tholung and Lingthem monastery which are more than 200 years old with priceless relic and holy texts would be affected by the Projects.

Apart from this Gyatso Lepcha on behalf of Dzongu youths expressed the opinion of the youth in which he said the frustration was mounting up among the youths regarding the implementation of the Hydel Projects in Dzongu. He requested on the behalf of the youth to the Committee that positive review with the end to stop the Project be taken out so, that all would be peaceful in the area.
The presence of Himagiri Pvt Ltd. Officials the Asstt. Engineer and General Manager have created doubt in minds of the public. The Review Committee should have visited the area independently without anyone of the company people accompanying them.

This clearly indicates that the Review Committee will be influenced and can be manipulated by the company.

Hence a free and fair reviewed is doubtful. The Committee and their side mention that they would study and look into all the presentation and memorandum submitted and will inform the public. They also mentioned that since not all members are present they would have to sit together and see the materials.

Expecting Law and Order problem the North District Police were in full preparation and in their full riot gear. However the demonstration passed of peacefully without any incident.