Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Prakriti Giri has been eliminated from Amul Star Voice of India-Chhote Ustaad, the musical reality show currently being aired on STAR Plus.
Prakriti Giri Chhote Ustaad 11 
It was hoped that this 12-year-old girl from Darjeeling would follow the footsteps of Indian Idol 3 winner Prashant Tamang as she continued her steady climb in the show, making it to the top five. But unlike Prashant, Prakriti failed to grab enough votes from the audience which would have saved her from the elimination round.

The elimination episode is yet to be telecast and will be aired this Friday. The episode was canned late last night.
Prakriti Giri Chhote Ustaad 6 
Although liked by the judges, Prakriti faced tough opponents in the form of Aishwarya from Ahmedabad and Anvesha Dutta from Kolkata. In all the voting episodes, Prakriti managed to secure enough votes to stay in the race. She also made a record of sorts by securing the highest number of votes in all the episodes. However, last week, Aishwarya beat her to the top spot with the highest number of votes.

Last week, she sang “Salamey Ishq” from the film Mukadar ka Sikandar, which was not up to the judges’ liking. In comparison to the more talented and better trained singers like Aishwarya and Anvesha, Prakriti’s performance lacked technical finesse and voice quality. Even the judges remarked that she had to really work hard if she wanted to stay in the competition and match up with the other remaining four contestants.

One of the family members of Prakiti, who is presently in Mumbai said over the telephone that she was eliminated after coming in the scary land (danger zone). According to the rules of the show, the elimination is not solely based on the number of votes polled by the contestants. The judges also play a vital part in deciding who gets out. The vote sent by the viewers is taken into consideration to select the bottom three with the lowest number of votes. The three contestants in the danger zone are then asked by the judges to sing a song each according to their choice. The judges then decide who goes home based on the contestant’s singing in that particular round.

The news might have disheartened many Prakriti Giri Fan clubs all over the country, but there is sill one last chance for them to bring her back in the competition through wild card, which is recently being introduced in the contest.

According to this format, the eight eliminated contestants, including Prakriti, will be given a final chance to perform and based on the maximum votes polled, only one contestant out of the eight will get the wild card entr