Friday, February 22, 2008

Today's Namley will soon be Green Bee

They are called ‘Namley’, who should be called ‘Green Bee’, because they always work hard as the busy bees. What is more, now Urban Development and Housing Development (UDHD) department is going to give them a new uniform in green color.
‘Namley’ is a part of the city, so with the process of Gangtok beautification, there should be some standard for them also, Mr. Tobjor Dorjee, Secretary, UD& HD said.
Mr. Dorjee further said the porters’ name, Namley, would be also changed after the introduction of their dress code. We should not undermine them who earn their livelihood by their daily drudgery. Green Bee as a new name in place of Namley is under consideration of the department, he revealed.Regarding the uniform, the Secretary said, the department will propose to some mobile phone companies to sponsor the uniform. We have that sort of a plan which is the best way. The companies will take the benefit of advertisement, while the department will save the expenditure of making the uniform, he said.He also said the green uniform would be introduced not only at Gangtok but in all the district towns like Namchi, Geyzing, Jorethang and Rangpo.Along the ‘Namley’, the safai karmachari is also under attention. The department, according to the Secretary, is thinking of uplifting their life by enhancing allowances as they keep the city clean and tidy. They will be given life risk allowance and safety equipment while doing their duty, he said. After making all these arrangements, MG Marg would be declared smoke free zone, he added.