Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chisopani Club holds meeting to fight back Drugs

Singtam: United Alliance Club, a local club here at Chisopani organized a meet to fight for a major challenge in today's society in Drugs. The two month old club was started especially for the motive to help the youth indulged in drug addiction as well as educate the consequences of the Drugs. Talking on the occasion Dhiraj Pradhan, President of the club spoke of the ill effects of the intake of the drugs in today's society. He recalled for the need of such organization to help those people. Pradhan added those people should not be seen as the ills of the society but need to have a talk with them. Initially it won't be easy but with helping hand from every individual present on the meet, Pradhan was very optimistic about his approach with a success.
Different discussion was held to improve and appraise the club and be available to every needful individual. Suggestion on diverting the minds of those people to intellectual game like chess and others were are discussed. Arun Lama,Chief Guest applauded the initiative taken by the youths to help build the stronger and better society. He asked everyone to come forth and fight this evil and build better Sikkim for tomorrow. He assured every possible help from his side. Lama emphasized more and more people from rural areas and urban areas should be included in the club and there should be no age level for the people to be the member of the club was told.