Friday, March 07, 2008

CM returns rhetoric of Cong MLA

Gangtok: On the second day of the ongoing budget session, March 6, Congress MLA and the lone opposition member in the State Assembly, Acharya Tshering Lama, took part in the discussion that preceded passing a motion of thanks to the Governor for his address in the House on March 5. “It is a Hangsa Nabhayekeo (soulless) budget speech as it didn’t mention Article 371F” of the Constitution, the opposition member remarked. He also said, “there is no peace in Sikkim”.
The opposition rhetoric was answered at length by the Chief Minister and leader of the House, Dr. Pawan Chamling. He said, “Buddha did not become Buddha just by leaving his home and family but by renunciation of greed and longing. Acharya Tshering Lama sahib himself is a religious person and yet he says there is no peace in Sikkim. This is a misleading comment. There is peace that is why Sikkim is developing in every field”.
Addressing the Congress MLA CM said, “First of all he (Mr. Lama) should have a holy soul to find the soul in the speech (of the Governor).CM further said, “It is needless to again and again talk of protection of Article 371(F) which is well protected and, accordingly the government is working in a result-oriented way. Everywhere in the State one can see ongoing development activities”. Squarely rebutting opposition criticism, CM said, “Freedom means to be free. But it doesn’t mean freedom to impose one’s willful opinion as the opinion of the society”.
Regarding criticism of the Dzongu hydel projects CM firmly maintained “the projects in Dzongu will not be stopped under any circumstances”. Turning the table on Acharya Lama, CM said, “We want to see Sikkim as the richest State of the country. I am not bothered by the threat of one or two Hangsa Nabhayeko Manchey” ( Men without a soul).
He recalled that once upon a time Dzongu was called a jungle by Lepchas of Kalimpong and Darjeeling. According to Darjeeling Gazateer authored by Risley, the then British ruler of India had told the Lepchas of Kalimpong and Darjeeling to go to Dzongu but they refused calling the place a jungle. “Now the very people are coming in Dzongu calling it a land of their origin and a holy place. How is it? It is because of infrastructure development and prevailence of peace”, CM observed.
Earlier in the question hour eight questions were asked by the legislatures. Mr. Bhim Dhungel, Mr. Aita Sing Baraili, Mr. N.K.Pradhan, Mrs. Manita Pradhan, Mr. B.M.Ramudamu,Mr.Dawcho LepchaMr. Norzong Lepcha and Acharya Tshring Lama.
On the day, two bills – Appropriation Bill for the Second and Final Supplementary Demands for Grants 2007-08 and Sikkim Labour Protection (Amendment) bill were passed unanimously. In the second half of the session, Members discussed on the Budget 2008-09. Acharya Tshering Lama welcomed the budget but at the same time he commented that this budget should not remained in speech and paper. Let it be taken to the doorsteps of the people so that the poor people could get the benefit of this budget, Mr. Lama said.Mr. Bhim Dhungel, Dawcho Lepcha and Sonam Gyathso Lepcha also participated in the discussion.
Replying to the discussion CM said, the budget was framed keeping in view an all-round development of Sikkim. “It (the budget) will accelerate the development of Sikkim and will help to build the future of Sikkim, hesaid.
At the end of the session, Govt. Resolution No.2, seeking inclusion of Bhutia,Lepcha and Limboo Languages in the 8 schedule of the Consitution, was moved by HRD Minister Mr. G.M.Gurung and seconded by Mr. C.B.Karki. Another private resolution seeking recognition of Sirwani-Dikchu road area as an Industrial belt was moved by Mr. B.M.Ramudamu.