Monday, March 24, 2008

SDF supporters unhappy with local coordinator

Dissatisfied with the alleged improper work of the local coordinator of Sikkim Democratic Front, some youth supporters of Singtam held a meeting at Sirwani, Singtam on March 24 under the leadership of Mr. Prakash Subba, claiming to be an active member of SDF Party and Mr. Uttam Pradhan, a local resident and leading superstar of Nepali Film Industry. In the meeting, it was alleged that the coordinator of SDF Party, who has been assigned to work for the welfare of the youths of Singtam, ‘has not done anything beneficial for the educated unemployed youths’.
Mr. Prakash Subba said that the youths are ‘whole hearted supporters of SDF Party’ so it is the responsibility of the Party to work for their welfare. ‘We will always support SDF and we admire and follow its principles’, he said. He also said that they are very glad to be associated with SDF Party and they do not have any grievances against the Party or its principles. But they are unhappy with the work of the coordinator. ‘At present, the main obstacle between the principles and ideas of SDF Party and their execution by the youths is the coordinator’, he alleged. Mr. Uttam Pradhan mentioned unemployment in the State and sought ‘proper guidance of the SDF Party in making the educated unemployed youths self established and self sufficient’. The group decided to hold another meeting on March 26, gathering all the youths of Singtam, to form an association.