Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sikkim lad scripts nepali flick

Prashant Rasaily (Script Writer)

Quest Entertainment, the group that brought quality movie viewing experience to the urbanites of Kathmandu through their very popular Jai Nepal and Kumari movie theaters, have something exciting for the masses this time. They have finished the shooting of 'Kagbeni' a nepali thriller movie and are all prepared to release it soon within 2 months time.

There are few things that makes this movie special or so to say attempts few things for the first time.

- 'Kagbeni' is the first nepali movie to be made on high definition digital technology.

- First Nepali movie to break the mould of conventional commercial Nepali movie presentation technique and use different treatment style, a much needed change demanded by Nepali audiences.

- First thriller genre movie of Nepal.

- Bhusan Dahal's debutant directorial venture.

- First production of Quest Entertainment.

- Debut movie of popstar Nima Rumba and theatre actors Saugat Malla, Diya Maskey and Pooja Gurung.

The filmmakers wanted to keep the storyline of movie secret till the release. We found out that the film's story has the lifestyle and livelihood of the upper Himalayan region, Mustang as a background. The movie will have no songs and dances like Hollywood thriller flicks.

We all hope that this movie will start a revolution of film making in Nepal. 'Kagbeni' should prove to be 'the' movie that we all talk about, 'the' movie that will make all of us interested in our own Nepali movies.