Saturday, March 01, 2008

Three cheers for Bimal Gurung & co.

Statesman News Service
KURSEONG, Feb. 29: With Mr Subash Ghisingh deciding to resign from the DGHC administrative caretaker's post, the GJMM camp is jubilant.
GJMM supporters came out on the streets to rejoice the news, as Mr Ghisingh's resignation from the DGHC has been one of their two major demands. The other demand ~ the cancellation of the proposal to include the DGHC in the Sixth Schedule, however, hangs in balance.
In further major developments today, the GNLF MLA from Darjeeling Mr Pranay Rai has resigned from the GNLF. “We have heard the news as well but there is no official declaration on the matter,” said the GNLF Darjeeling branch president Mr Deepak Gurung.
The day marked further erosion in the GNLF leadership as 12 of the 20 councillors of Kurseong Municipality joined ranks with the GJMM. Of the 12, eight are from the GNLF and four are Independent councillors. They were greeted with open arms by the GJMM.
The GJMM has decided to move a no-confidence motion against the GNLF chairman of the Kurseong Municipality. “A no-confidence notice would be served to the Kurseong Municipality chairman Mr PC Agarwal and to the Kurseong SDO and Darjeeling DM,” said GJMM central committee member, Mr Anit Thapa.
The councillors, who joined the GJMM today are Mr Darbeshwar Prasad- ward 1, Mr Krishna Limbu- ward 2, Mrs Hari Maya Mangrati- ward 3, Mrs Asha Chettri- ward 4, Mr Kishore Thapa- ward 5, Mr Balaram Chettri- ward 6, Mr Ravi Tamang- ward 10, Mrs Jaitun Nisha- ward 11, Mr Sanjeev Sharma- ward 13, Mrs Sunita Lama- ward 14, Mrs Fulkumari Niroula- ward 17 and MrsYankee Moktan- ward 20.