Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Three Honours to Prof Mahendra P Lama

image New York, 19 March: Prof Mahendra P Lama today received the India-China Fellowship awarded to him by the prestigious New School University in New York. This Fellowship was awarded to him to recognise his leadership and commitment to the dialogue in India, China and the United States. While speaking at the glittering function held at the University in the heart of New York City in the United States, Prof Bob Kerrey, President of the University and former Senator admired Prof Lama profusely for his singleminded dedication and major contributions to issues of cross border cooperation, peace and development. Prof Lama will in the course of next fortnight lecture at various Universities in the US.

Prof Lama has also been invited as an International Observer for the crucial Constituent Assembly election in Nepal. The election will be held on 10 April 2008. A number of international organisations including the United Nation and European Union are supporting the National Election Observation Committee in Nepal to monitor the this path breaking election in the history of modern Nepal. The invitation letter to Prof Lama mentions that “Keeping in view your constant support, dedication and solidarity for the cause of human rights and democratic development in Nepal, we are pleased to extend this invitation to you in order to join as a short-term observer with the International Election Observation mission hosted by National Election Observation Committee (NEOC) in coordination with the Government of Nepal.” Prof Lama is one of very few international observers invited from the South and South East Asia region. The NEOC will be deploying a number of international overseers from all over the world in various polling booths spread throughout Nepal

Prof Lama has also been nominated as a member of the high level National Task Force to examine the issues of hill and mountain development in the country. This Task Force has been appointed by the Prime Minister of India as a sequel to the decision taken in the National Development Council Meeting held in last December 2008 in New Delhi. This Task force will prepare the full report on various development issues of the hills and mountain regions of India. The Task Force which is supervised by the Planning Commission in New Delhi is also likely to visit Darjeeling and Sikkim.