Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tibetans protest in Sikkim

It was yet another day, this was day three of protest against the Brutal Chinese Regime. The Peaceful Marcher's who took the long trek from Siliguri on 20th March arrrived here at the Sikkim Border On 23rd of march.

Till than they have been protesting for the lackadaiscal move by the Sikkimese Government, since they have not been allowed to gain access into the Capital of sikkim.

Today is the Third day of Protest,and they even called for unanimous decision to launch Indefinite hunger strike continuing from yesterday, for not letting them access. The youth's resenment was clearly visible about how deep the conflict was in tibet.

They are still determined to enter the border, but the spearhead of their organisation have called for patience and perseverence.

There was even an attempt by one fo the protestor's to inflame himself with,but immediately he was stopped by the Indian Police and the Tibetan Volunteer's who were also controlling their friends situation.

(Report by Tenzing Theckpa)