Thursday, March 13, 2008

Voice of Hills: Prakiti Giri


Performing a sensational hit number of Mantra “ Gorkhali Ko Choro Hu ma” in the final round of Indian Idol, Prashant Tamang walked away with the coveted title bringing smiles on the faces of every Indian speaking Nepali, at home and abroad. Never in the music history had there been so much of enthusiasm and excitement than this third edition of Indian Idol and with Prashant, a cop who hails from Tungsoong, Darjeeling winning the crown, every Nepali is ecstatic. The moment he was declared the winner, wild celebrations erupted in the streets of Darjeeling and other parts. This time again on ‘Amul Chotay Ustaad’, a 12 year old singer named Prakiti Giri of Gorkhali orgin has emerged from Darjeeling which is becoming a home for new upcoming talents. Prakiti is in the final rounds, and fans from her hometown and other parts have been continuously helping her to win. Her fans especially the children have been watching the show without missing a single episode. Yesteryears’ songs like ‘mera sainaya ko chora’, tinka tinak jara jara, mera dil dil mera was the song sang by Prakiti and was appreciated by the judges and was given ‘ati Sarvouttam’ marks by Kunal Ganjawala, Sherya Ghosal and many fans in the last episode. Some of the fans of Prakiti in Dimapur have said that “Prashant has broke the records but we also want our little child to come up with her divine voice; we want laurels for our community”.

Prakiti’s childhood dream was to become a singer, and when she was as young as 3, she would pretend to be a singer. “I would hold an Agarbatti packet like a mike and sing ‘Raja Hindustani’”, she said. This childish dream has now become a reality for little Prakiti. And as for her future, it all depends on the fans who will vote for her in the series of the final rounds of ‘Amul Chota Ustaad’ on Star Plus. -Rupak Chetri