Friday, April 04, 2008

BB Gooroong snubs GM Rai

Gangtok: Mr. B.B.Gooroong, political advisor to Chief Minister, has condemned the statement of Mr. G.M.Rai, president of Sikkim Gorkha Prajantrik Party (SGPP), saying SDF government has given more than expected share of Assembly Seat Reservation to Bhutia and Lapcha communities.
Speaking to this reporter on the issue Mr. Gooroong said, “SDF party respects people’s mandate. The party had gone to the poll in 2004 with the manifesto that we want to give 13 seats to BL community and the public had also allowed us to maintain the status quo. We are only maintaining status quo, nothing else”.
He furthe said “If they (SGPP) think the seats are unjustified then let them obtain the people’s mandate. The Assembly election is not very far. It is coming in 2009. Let them show their strength to denounce this seat reservation system” and asked, “Do they have the guts?”
He also took exception Mr. Rai’s statement on another count. “The statement of Mr. Rai would bring disharmony in the State. He should know what to say and what not”. Mr. Gooroong also debunked Mr. Rai’s statement that Gorkhas have become second class citizen in SDF rule. “The State follows only one constitution which Dr. Ambedkar had framed and all are treated equal. They are just espousing the case of Gorkha. It is not a healthy thing in a democratic country”, he said.