Monday, May 19, 2008

First pictures of disputed area in Sikkim

A day after your channel reported China's attempts to lay claim to a strategically important area in North Sikkim, called the "Finger Area", TIMES NOW have gained access to the exclusive pictures of the Finger Area showing Indian patrol vehicles.

Earlier, China has surprised India by laying claims on a small tract of land in North Sikkim and has threatened to demolish the existing stone structures there. India strongly rebutted these claims, lodged an official protest and barred Chinese troops from entering the area.

Referred to as the "Finger Area" by Indian armed forces, this territory falls north of Gyangyong in Sikkim and overlooks a strategically important valley known as the Sora Funnel. It contains several stone cairns, which are essentially heaps of stones that can be used for shelter.

The exclusive pictures, which TIMES NOW have, depict the actual situation in the Finger Point area. The pictures, the first from Sikkim, show Indian military patrol vehicles on the Indian side as well as Chinese patrol vehicles on the other side of the border. The pictures also show cairns, or bunkers, that the Chinese have threatened to break down on the Indian side.