Saturday, May 24, 2008

GFPF org products are “unique”, claims MD

Government Fruit Preservation Factory (GFPF) in Singtam has launched Orange and Passion Fruit RTS (Ready to Serve) drink in 2 litre bottle, along with orange, mango, pineapple and passion fruit squash in 700ml plastic bottle with GFPF’s brand name - ‘Sikkim Supreme’.
The design of RTS and quash bottle is reverted the original, old one, to maintain GFPF brand mark 200ml orange and passion fruit RTS are already available in the market. Besides, RTS and squash, Thot-ney pickle, Kapra pickle, Ningro pickle, Broccoli pickle and dried natal powder of Sishnu are also introduced by GFPF, which are available in the market in 400gm, 250 gm, 200gm and 50gm bottle and packet. The 2 litre RTS and plastic bottled squashes would be available in the market from May 24 (Saturday) at a very reasonable price, Ms Nima L Yethenpa, Managing Director of GFPF said. Altogether 57 GFPF products have been introduced till date, she informed.

She said 5,146 bundles of Sishnu, 10,983 bundles of Thot-ney, 190 kg Kapra, 132 kg Broccoli and 6,423 bundles of Ningro have been procured by GFPF from various places of the State like Namchi, Damthang, Pangthang, Assam-Lingsey, Jaubari and others for preparation of pickles. GFPF items are produced in an eco-friendly environment and in a very organic manner utilizing fruits and vegetables organically grown in the State without using any hazardous chemicals, Ms. Yethenpa said, adding, “That is why GFPF products are unique and better than others available in the market”.
She said use of organic fruits and vegetables and their procurement from local farmers is the policy directive of the State Government to promote organic farming in the State and provide economic benefit to the local farmers. “Farmer growing fruits and vegetables can contact me directly in person to sell their products”, she said. According to her, “Policy of Sikkim Government has given a significant boost for promotion of organic fruits and vegetables in the State”.