Monday, June 23, 2008

“Kranti” is reformative change not destruction: Dr. Chamling

“Pawan Chamling is the most sincere Chief Minster of India and the most sincere leader of the country. You people should know this very well. If you fail to understand me, you will be grossly mistaken”. This was said by the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front president and Chief Minister Dr. Pawan Chamling.
He was addressing a large gathering of Ministers, MLAs, Panchayats, party leaders and members of SDF frontal organizations on the occasion of 16th Kranti Diwas observed at SDF Bhavan on Sunday, June 22. He said, the people of business community of the State were not very conscious of their social and political rights. When they were offered by Chogyal (King) to be ‘subjects’, they refused and now they are asking for it, he said. He, however, assured the business community that he would try to provide ‘Ladhak model’ provision so that they would also be exempted from the Central Income Tax.
Mentioning Sikkim Succession Bill passed in the State Assembly, he said now women in Sikkim are no more considered second-class citizens. They have become equal to their male counterparts. They can inherit the property of ther father.
SDF observes Kranti Diwas every year as on this day, 22nd June 1993, a huge protest rally was taken out in Gangtok by the party which resulted in the fall of Nar Bahadur Bhandari government, SDF president noted. ‘The day is very important for the Sikkemese people and those who think for the State and the party”, he said. As to the meaning of ‘Kranti’ (revolution) he said, “many people have the misconception that Kranti means calling bandh, damaging vehicles and torching houses and fighting. But true kranti is bringing about reforms”. Sikkim has changed in a big way in the last 14 years SDF rule, he added, and mentioned achievements of SDF government, including succession bill and exemption from Central Direct Tax for the Sikkimese people.
On the occasion, Dr. Chamling released a book “Krantipath” written by SDF publicity secretary,MrKiran Chettri.