Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Locals panic as Teesta water rise

Dikchu bazaar on high alert

GANGTOK, June 01:
The people of Dikchu Bazaar are panic stricken after the protection wall of the Teesta Stage V reservoir was washed away following heavy rains on Friday.
According to the local residents, the 120 feet high wall was washed away by the river when the water level of the rose extremely high.
The portion of the collapsed wall lies below Dikchu bazaar near the old Dikchu School building and the Mandir.
With the collapsing of the wall constructed by NHPC to control the level of the water, it has created a fear among the people residing in the nearby areas.
The people had speculated that the regular landslides on both the sides of river Teesta has led to the accumulation of the silt and mud into the river which has resulted into the rise in the level of the water.
“The only way is that the silt should be removed from the river or else the level of the water will cross the danger point,” says one of the residents of Dikchu.
Cracks and faults have been developed with the washing of the wall in most of the places in Dikchu.
It is also reported that the earlier flashflood at Rangyong Chu had led to the accumulation of silts.
Annoyed over the incident, the residents have complaints that the reckless construction of the protection wall by NHPC has resulted into this dreadful situation. They have also demanded the authorities to construct a proper concrete protection wall from Dikchu Mandir to the Bridge.
Referring the accumulation of the silt as a time bomb, the people said, it may burst any time bringing more disaster for the people.
Nearly 20,000 houses at Lower Dikchu are in a dangerous situation after the Friday incident.
“If the dam is closed again to construct the protection wall then whole of Dikchu Bazaar will be drowned,” laments another local.
The people complained that NHPC had said that they will be constructing a protection wall of 90 feet but they managed to construct only 20 feet weak protection wall.
According to the people, the NHPC has not fulfilled any of the criteria taking the protection of the people.
“Monsoons have not arrived and the disaster is coming its way. The dam has been a great threat for our life,” added a businessman of Dikchu.
The locals have also lambasted against the Panchayats and the local area MLA who has not visited the site hitherto.
Moreover, the people have strongly demanded prompt action for immediate remedial measures.