Monday, June 23, 2008

Radio Misty to launch in Gangtok by August

By Shabana Ali

MUMBAI: Sikkim capital Gangtok will welcome its first radio station in August with Radio Misty entering the market. This would be the second radio station of the PCM group, after the first Radio Misty launched in Siliguri some months ago.

The station will position itself as the station 'for the locals'. It will aim at promoting the local talents, will be anchored by local RJs and Nepali, Hindi and English music will play on the station. The programming of the station would be very different from the station in Siliguri.

Radio Misty, CEO, Nishant Mittal adds, "We are already heard by the people in Gangtok from our Siliguri station. So, we are not totally unkown for the crowd. We are into eco friendly campaign as Sikim has won award for being the most eco friendly state in the country."

The station is promoting itself through ground activities, print media and ads printed on paper hand bags. No hoardings have been put up, as these would tend to block the scenic beauty of the area. The campaign promotes areas of Sikkim, unknown to tourists.

Radio Misty has also introduced a new BBC programme, which plays the top Pop chartbusters. The programme is already on air in Siliguri and would also be the part of Gangtok's radio station, Mittal says.