Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sikkim archery team stranded

14 June, 2008 - One of the two Sikkimese teams, Sikkim AA Red, scheduled to play Chang II today in the Coronation Shield archery tournaments could not make it to the tournament.

According to archery federation officials, the team was stranded because of a strike in the Indian district of Darjeeling. The other team, Sikkim AA Blue, will make it for their first match against Key Dee Timber on Monday, according to officials. “The Sikkimese teams will wear their traditional dress, Chu-ba, while playing in the tournament,” said the assistant general secretary of Bhutan archery federation, Jurmey Wangdi. Sikkim AA Red missing that match means Chang 11 gets a walkover to the next round.

A record 36 teams are participating in the tournament, played on imported equipment at the archery ground opposite the Chang Jiji housing complex. The tournament started on June 2, coinciding with coronation day.