Saturday, June 07, 2008

Students urged to work for society

An office of All Sikkim Students Union (ASSU) was inaugurated by Mr. Bimal Dawari, East Zilla Adhyaksha and chief guest at Tadong near Sikkim Government College on Friday. Mr. G.M.Gurung, a social worker of Tadong was guest of honour.
Mr. Dawari said, students have an important role in the society to make it better living. He appreciated the work of ASSU and encouraged the organization to work selflessly for the welfare of the student. He, however, resented saying “some student unions are selling their names to make money”. He urged the students to pull out of such activities and work to make a good environment in the society.
He also urged ASSU leadership to persuade the students of Rhenock and Namchi to take admission in Rhenok and Namchi colleges so that there won’t be any admission crisis in Sikkim Government College.