Monday, June 16, 2008

What difference did you find between Gorkha and Nepali?

There are different interpretation for the definition of Gorkha and Nepali. Actually it is the two sides of the same coin. It is only because the Indians used to see us like the people living across the river Mechi, this problem was emerged.

As far as I believe, there should not be any geographical boundary in respect of language and literature. It is not that the English language is meant for the English people in England only and Nepali language for the Nepali of Nepal only. The language and literature are two such things that become more rich and prosperous as it extends its sphere.

If by calling Nepali reflects the citizen of Nepal then in order to distinguish us from them we have formulated the concept of calling us Gorkha. ABGL was working in this field for a long time in its own level.

To segregate and safeguard our identity in India, it is better to call us Gorkha to have distinct bifurcation. That is why Mr. Subash Ghisingh might have called Gorkha. But regarding the language, I don’t agree with him. In my personal opinion it would be better to say Nepali speaking Indian Gorkhas – that will be a good solution.
The followings are may be the reason to distinguish ourselves as Nepali or Gorkha:

(a) In 1946, late Damber Singh Gurung, of ABGL had said in the constituent Assembly of India that out of one crore Nepalese 30 lakh are living in India.

It happened at the time when the backward class commission of India was trying to include the Gorkha community in backward class. For which, Damber Singh Gurung was also trying his level best. But then President (now speaker) of Constituent assembly of India Mr. Acharya J.P Kripalani used such humiliating words, he said “Gorkha should fight with sword” meaning Khukuri, which was actually not a good comment.

(b) In 1948, communal riot broke out in Calcutta between Hindus and Muslims, in which 10 thousand Gorkhas / Nepali were also effected, who were from Darjeeling, and in order to compensate their losses, leaders of ABGL like Shiva Kumar Rai led a delegation to Nepal for raising funds for the settlements of riot victims.

These are the reason which made the Indian people to get confused with the citizen of across the river Mechi (Nepal) and which made us to proclaim ourselves as Gorkhas to make us secure in India.

In this regard, when there was a deep rooted suspicion in the minds of many Indians towards Gorkhas, Mr. Ari Bahadur Gurung once had to defend in Constituent Assembly by saying “we, the Gorkhas had participated in the freedom movement of India. Till now we are defending the country in the frontiers from the enemies. Gorkhas will not hesitate to shed their last drop of blood to preserve the independence that we have got. Therefore, the people of India should not be suspicious of our Identity”.

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