Saturday, July 12, 2008

The aliens are here!

Unidentified object falls in Kurseong

DARJEELING, July 11: In what may be termed as something straight out of a science fiction, an unidentified flying object has been spotted in Kurseong sub-division of Darjeeling yesterday afternoon.
The incident occurred at around 6:30pm at Sisu Bari, near Rohini tea garden.
According to the eyewitness, Hari Bahadur Chettri, a red “kadai” shaped object blazing in flames landed in front of his house late yesterday afternoon. The panic-stricken Chettri called his family members and his neighbours. Eyewitnesses said that the object produced tremendous heat. After about 30 minutes, the colour of the object changed into silver when it seemed to have cooled down. The object changed its colour to black next morning after heavy rains during the night.
It measured about two feet in diameter, one and half feet long and a thickness of half inches.
The local authorities were immediately informed about the weird sighting after which they visited the site this morning. The object has been seized and has been taken to the Kurseong Police Station.
“The material used or the make of the object could not be identified. We are planning to send the object for investigation,” one of the officials told SIKKIM EXPRESS.
The “unidentified” object could well be a part of a weather balloon or a piece of satellite debris.