Monday, July 28, 2008

Central Income Tax exemption

“Once disbelieved, now achieved”

“None of the Sikkimese seemed to believe when I had assured them exemption from Central Income Tax. But now it is reality”. This was observed by Chief Minister Dr. Pawan Chamling in his address to All Sikkim Government Officers who had gathered to felicitate the Chief Minister at Palzor Indoor Stadium on July 26.
It would have been easier to get the exemption earlier when L. D. Kazi or Nar Bahadur Bhandari was Chief Minister. But the issue was already meddled and made quite difficult when Sikkim Democratic Front came to power in 1994.
Nevertheless, “we were steadfast in our demand to the Centre which eventually granted the tax exemption for our Sikkimese people”, CM said.“Our achievement of the tax exemptionis another proof of evidence of result oriented governance of SDF for the last 14 years”, CM said, adding, “intellectuals, officers and press should be able to give their opinion on this matter”.
He said, “Sikkim is yet to have a civil society that can opine what is good and what is not”. CM further said, “With the benefits being received through constitutional democracy, which was rejuvenated by SDF, it is time to think how to take Sikkim further ahead”.
On the occasion, Chief Minister was presented a citation and a memento (a gold plated ‘Thanka’). All Sikkim Government officials, cabinet ministers, MLAs, Chief Secretary and Advisors to the State Government were present.