Saturday, August 09, 2008

GFPF offers sugar free organic drinks


Taking into account the diabetic scenario of Sikkim, Government Fruit Preservation Factory, (GFPF), Singtam, launched organic sugar free Pear Fruit Drink, Passion Fruit Drink, Orange Fruit Drink and Ginger Drink in 200 ml bottle on August 7. All the drinks are RTS (ready to serve) drinks which can be consumed directly without addition of water. Other new products, namely, Aakashey Chilli with curd and Pear Squash were simultaneously launched on the day. Many more are in the pipeline, it is learnt.
The RTS drinks will be available in the market with GFPF’s brand name ‘Sikkim Supreme’ at the rate of Rs 15 per 200 ml bottle. The Pear Squash would be available for Rs 43 per 700 ml bottle and Aakashay chilli can be obtained at Rs 10 per pouch.
GFPF has acquired 4.5 metric tonnes of Aakashay chilli from Zoom till date for producing different products. Pears are being obtained from Kabrey, Sadam, Burmeik and Soreng in Sikkim. GFPF has also utilized tomatoes in bulk to produce different tomato products like tomato juice (RTS), tomato chilli sauce ‘Chatak Matak’, tomato chutney and hot and sweet tomato ketchup with dallae flavor, which are already in the market. About 30 metric tonnes tomato were procured from Sadam, Daramdin and Tashiding.
With its organic products, GFPF has done business of Rs 63, 38, 384 from April 2008 to August 6.
GFPF has taken the initiative of acquiring organic produces from the local growers and utilizing it for producing various kinds of organic products as per the direction by Chief Minister Dr Pawan Chamling. The given policy is to encourage organic farming in the state by giving incentive to the local farmers, it is informed.