Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sikkim region merged in Pre-Independence proposed map of Pakistan

In recent times i am very impressed with the work Barun Roy is doing in his blog Through the exchange of mails we do correspondence and i too had an oppertunity to get publish some of my articles. With Barun Roy's blog each day i get to read new information of the past that give me an immense pleasure. In today's news he put on a proposed map of Pakistan designed by Chaudary Rehmat Ali and the instresting input there is the region of Sikkim merged in it. The map is set prior to pre-independence days.

Ali is the founder of Pakistan National Movement. He coined the word "Pakistan" for 30 million Muslims who lived in the five northern units of India; Punjab, North West Frontier (Afghan) Province, Kashmir, Sindh and Baluchistan. He spoke of an independent homeland for Muslims, Pakistan, in the northern units of India, "Bang-i-Islam" for Muslims in Bengal, and "Usmanistan" for the Muslims in Hyderabad-Deccan.

The map that's more important have the region of Sikkim along with Bhutan merged with Bangistan, though there could be some mistaken since in Sikkim history nothing is known or heard to happen regarding the Muslim nation theory. The subcontinent of India has been rechristened Dinia, and has been shown with its dependencies Pakistan, Osmanistan (Hyderabad Deccan and its surrounding areas) and Bangistan (Bengal). Bordering the shores of the huge landmass of Dinia are the Bangian, Pakian and Osmanian seas, probably Chaudhry Rehmat Ali’s terms for the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean.

I was having discussion with Barun over the topic and i was glad to read that Mohd Ali Jinnah had twice visited Darjeeling and once on his honeymoon. There had been no denying that Pakistani flag was flying in places of Darjeeling, Kuersong and Kalimpong during the Independence, does make the thing more complicated. As such Darjeeling districts do have some way or the other connection with the Pakistani administration!

I here recall one incident shared by my grandfather in Kalimpong "......I was about to hear one of a rare incidents though never recorded in pages of history from aja, he told me it was in 14th August, 1947 at Town Hall, Kalimpong a Pakistani flag was hoisted just to find in the evening that the districts of Darjeeling was not part of Pakistan but it belonged to India. Same incident to happened in other places of Darjeeling and Kurseong. So the next day that was on 15th of August an Indian tri colour flag was hoisted. It was a huge confusion then, said aja. He added though he never saw the Pakistani flag being flying at Town Hall but he had heard it, on that day he was at Bom Busty. He used to have a nice collection of George V and George VI coins but after Independence rumour ran high that British coins would remain invalid so one day he threw away a bag of old British coins on the maize field just to find that none of them was to be found the next day around. Aja regretted he should not have done it."